CI Annual Report


The annual report for the Cooperative Institute for Climate Applications and Research (CICAR) is a requirement of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Office of Atmospheric Research Cooperative Institutes Program. The CICAR annual report describes all actively funded research projects, education initiatives, and public information and outreach programs conducted under CICAR for the fiscal year ended June 30. The CICAR annual report is a comprehensive written review of the administrative and research activity for the Institute, which activities actively address the NOAA climate mission goal to "Understand Climate Variability and Change to Enhance Society's Ability to Plan and Respond."

Effective with the 2012 NOAA reporting guidelines for cooperative institutes separate annual reports for each of the two CICAR awards are required - the Institutional award NA08OAR4320754 by September 30th and the shadow award NA08OAR4320912 by July 31st. The CICAR institutional award report, available online September 30, includes appendices that combine tabular data from both annual reports.