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Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory - Monell Auditorium

21-23 May 2013 -  Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday



Comfort Inn
425 East  Route 59
Nanuet, NY  10954
845-623-6000 Phone
845-623-9338 Fax
Reserved block of rooms at $105.00 per night listed under "Climate Change"
Shuttle transportation included

Holiday Inn Orangeburg
329 Rt. 303
Orangeburg, NY  10962
845-359-7000 Phone
845-359-7196 Fax
Reserved block of rooms at $103.00 per night listed under "Climate Change"
Shuttle transportation included 

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Contact: Virginia DiBlasi
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
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61 Route 9W
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Session 1 - Ocean Change (Tuesday, May 21 A.M.)

Arnold Gordon

Syd Levitus

Jerry Mitrovica

Janet Sprintall

Lynne Talley

Martin Visbeck

Session 2 - Hydroclimate Variability (Tuesday, May 21 P.M.)

David Battisti

William Boos

John Chiang

Ed Cook

Aaron Putnam

Richard Seager

Session 3 - Cryosphere Change (Wednesday, May 22 A.M.)

Robin Bell

Garry Clarke

Beata Csatho

Doug Martinson

Joerg Schaefer / Summer Rupper

Eric Steig

Session 4 - Climate Forcing (Wednesday, May 22 P.M.)

David Archer

Gisela Winckler / Ron Miller

Lorenzo Polvani

Mike Previdi

Gavin Schmidt

Andreas Schmittner

Session 5 - Human Perspectives (Thursday, May 23 A.M.)

Arlene Fiore

Lisa Goddard

Solomon Hsiang

Kris Karnauskas

Kim Knowlton

Cynthia Rosenzweig

Connie Woodhouse



 Peter Schlosser: Introduction

Session 1

Ocean Change

  • Jerry Mitrovica: Leaving Eustasy Behind: Implications for Marine Ice Sheet Stability and Inferences of Ancient Ice Volumes - withheld at author's request
  • Martin Visbeck: Two Aspects Of Global Ocean Dynamics: AMOC Observations At The Exit Of The Labrador Sea And Southern Ocean Eddies

Session 2

Hydroclimate Variability

  • David Battisti: Precessional Forcing, Monsoons, and Isotopic Composition of Precipitation - withheld at author's request

Session 3

Cryosphere Change

  • Doug Martinson: Changes In Antarctic Marine Glaciers, Sea Ice, And The Underlying Ocean - withheld at authors request

Session 4

Climate Forcing

  • Lorenzo Polvani: Stratospheric Ozone and Southern Hemisphere Climate Change - withheld at author's request

Session 5

 Human Perspectives

  • Solomon Hsiang: The Causal Effect of Environmental Catastrophe on Long Run Economic Growth - withheld at author's request